As long as I can remember I have been interested in outdoor sports. As a boy I could look for hours in magazines with pictures of skydiving, scuba diving, mountaineering and other sports. Daydreaming how it would be to practice these sports. And even in my dreams I could not decide which one to choose, I wanted to do them all!! 

From my sixteenth year I visit the mountains regularly: first for rock climbing in Belgium with my brothers, later with friends to the Alps for hiking. I love to be in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views. It was here that I became interested in outdoor photography.

In 1987 I made my first parachute jump at Paracentrum Icarus in Hilversum. This was the beginning of a sport that has much determined my life.
Inspired by the images of Norman Kent, Leo Dickinson and the Dutch photographer Max Dereta I knew that I wanted to jump with a focus on photography. From my 300th jump I started this, and I’ve never stopped.
I have done a lot a freefall cameraman jumps with formation skydiving teams. With these team I have become Dutch champion several times and participated on world championships.
Besides filming formation skydiving I also film tandemjumps. In 2001/2002, I did this as a professional in Empuriabrava in Spain and since 2004 at my home dropzone Paracentrum Teuge.

In 2005, together with good friend Denise, I started flying paragliders. A sport where my love for the mountains and flying comes together. We regularly fly in the Alps but also in Nepal and La Palma. I try to combine the flying with photography and filming as much as possible.
Furthermore, I take pictures underwater for several years during our scuba dive trips in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam).

Daydreaming as a child, I could not decide what I wanted to be when I was grown up; a parachutist, scuba diver, paraglider, mountain biker … 
I think I am a lucky bastard because now I do it all! And I can show everyone what I enjoy doing most.
Welcome to my website!

Fonsz in facts:

  • Born 06-09-1966 at St Pancras, Netherlands
  • First skydive 08-16-1987, 5400 + jumps
  • First paragliding flight 16-08-2002, 380+ flights, 200+ hours flight time
  • First scuba dive, 07-07-1997, 120+ dives
  • Loves: cat Toos, Donald Duck, yoga, asian food, music
  • Interests: Buddhism, reading, films