New Dutch record!

On October 29th 16-way team One6ix organised their traditional sequential weekend to finish their successful season. Goal was to make several formations with 24 persons. I had the privilege of doing the camerawork.
Because of rain and the starting of wintertime the weekend was shortened to a Sunday afternoon with only three jumps, but with enormous progression. The first attempt the 24-way formation as not completed, the second attempt the first formation was build fast and gave time for a second formation. The third and last attempt the team managed to build a 24-way formation with three points, a new dutch record! What a fantastic Sunday afternoon!!

Many thanks to Team One6ix for the great organisation, and specially Sjoerd Laarberg for all his work and effort! The video edit with the jumps is being made by Jan Pleiter. You’ll fint it here.
For the pictures click here.

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